Shooting and Stalking

Shooting and Stalking

Galloway is renowned for producing quality roe and red deer, and deer stalkers from all over the world travel to this area of south west Scotland to try their luck

The forest and stalking areas are mostly mixed forest woodlands, with vast conifer plantations, as well as open grazing moors and parks

We can arrange stalking, where you will be accompanied by a qualified stalker. This is available whether you are a novice and wish to try the sport for the first time, or a competent stalker. We are able to arrange stalking throughout the region, on some of the best stalking areas and private estates available

Throughout Galloway, there is a vast availability of rough shooting, and driven shooting. Whether you want a walked up day with a mixed bag of pheasant, snipe, woodcock, pigeon, rabbit etc. or a driven day on the most challenging moors we can arrange your day

We normally require 6 to 8 guns to book a driven day for your own party, but often we can fit you in to an existing party

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