Award winning dining in Scotland

You need to feel good to enjoy a great meal to the full and this is guaranteed by a small yet spacious, elegant yet very relaxing and romantic candlelit restaurant which preserves a compelling atmosphere of intimacy and peacefulness

Savour informal dining at its very best. Enjoy a pre dinner drink in the bar while perusing the delightful tasting menu which can be complemented by great wines, carefully and expertly chosen to blend with the food. Dine in the gentle ambience of soothing charm and a light, delightfully unstuffy atmosphere – and convivially with that feeling of being amongst friends whilst at the same time being carefully and unobtrusively served by a caring, easy friendly staff team with their interest in your wellbeing being their hallmark. Then relax in one of our comfortable lounges to take your after dinner coffee and possibly a Scottish Malt or two...

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Dumfries & Galloway

Dumfries & Galloway

Dumfries and Galloway and the tranquil South coast of Scotland is a land of peaceful solitude, colourful and breathtaking scenery and an area of beauty, wilderness and romance. Its rich and colourful past is never more apparent than in the abundance of towns and villages where each new corner throws open a dramatic sense of history and scenic delight

One of the most unspoilt and underrated parts of Scotland – a hidden gem if ever there was one. In the typical tourist rush to the cities and the highlands, this stunning area is ignored at your peril. The coastlines bristle with delightful towns, villages, beaches and headlands – and inland the more dramatic landscape of the Galloway Hills dominate a large part of the region. Gardens galore, including some of Scotland’s very best, sensational golf particularly at Stranraer, Portpatrick and the Dumfries courses – the Robert Burns connection, a ferry hop to Ireland – and sensational walking and biking country. Romance is in the air here. An utterly relaxing destination